Review - Deadpool #20

Today I got a little review for ya of a certain comic that has achieved what I knew it would with its humor and action. I speak of none other than Deadpool #20, the second part of the Spider-man teamup series where Deadpool is being chased by Hit-Monkey. Before I get to the review I have to say this comic had me laughing my ass off only halfway through the issue and kept it going until the end. With that said let’s get to the review. Deadpool is kinda scared of the Hit-Monkey and is trying to shack up with Spider-man. Before leaving the pair determine Hit-Monkey is there in New York City to hunt down assassins and crooked people and Deadpool is on his list. Also on the list are two cops who had an agreement to kill a person that is standing to get them arrested making both prime targets for Hit-Monkey to show up and basically kill them both. Sometimes Deadpool does some weird freaking things and Spider-man finding him in a warehouse wearing a dress tops them all. He’s hiding out and Spiderman is coming to confirm that Hit-Monkey is indeed in town and looking for Deadpool. At the crime scene of the crooked cops there was a monkey paw print in the blood confirming that he’s real. With some comedic banter going on between them, Spider-man gets them Spidey senses tingling and figures out Hit-Monkey followed him to kill Deadpool. He comes in guns blazing and catches Deadpool in the shoulder, making Spider-man learning about his healing ability forming a plan in the process. If Hit-monkey is done with all his targets he will leave town and make Spider-man a hero, getting him the key to the city. Deadpool has a gun pointed at the monkey's head saying “take you stinking paws off him you damn dirty ape” and I just couldn’t help to stop and laugh for a bit. He does the right thing of course and lets Hit-Monkey have Deadpool who proceeds to shoot the shit out of Deadpool where all that comes out is a grrgl. What makes this even funnier is after Deadpool is dead Hit-Monkey and Spiderman are walking off talking and they take freaking pictures together in poses and I lost it seeing those. Next thing you know Hit-Monkey is heading off and Spider-man gets the key to the city and is a recognized as a hero. This was one of the best issues so far of this new run of Deadpool and this little team up with Spider-man has been as funny as I thought it would be. I suggest picking up this one and number 19. You'll love them if you are a Spider-man fan or a fan of both.