Review - Die Hard Year One #7

Sometimes things go from bad to worse so quickly that if you blink you just might miss it. That's how the life of John McClane and his partner Detective First Olga is in the next installment of Die Hard Year One #7. In this issue we get to see the fruits of some characters' labors and get a dose of more that’s coming. So far in reading this series they have kept the story entertaining with the continued past history of McClane that helps give the character more personality. For a comic that has their fair share of action they do story well also. Now sit back and read on for some more ass kicking by none other than John McClane. With the largest blackout ever to affect the city of New York, chaos is hitting the streets with people freaking out and not knowing what to do. This leaves a tough spot for the cops tasked to patrol the city and even more trouble for the hostage situation going on at the massage parlor. With crowds growing around the situation, Detective First Olga sees this as the perfect opportunity to show off some command skills and maybe get herself a bump up the ladder. Of course, she realizes that being in charge is a pain in the ass, especially with crowds going past the point of any control. This scene was great because it let you get a feel for another character that isn’t named McClane. Meanwhile, McClane is making his way through the air ducts inside the massage parlor, attempting to get the drop on the guy holding everyone hostage. The reader is shown a couple of flashbacks involving two specific times in his life involving being in a cramped space. First off, we have him as a young child entering a crawlspace beneath a house and sensing the closing darkness around him and being scared. Moving forward to when he was in Vietnam and crawling inside a Viet Cong tunnel and having all the torches blown out by the wind and being cast in darkness, inducing the same fear he is feeling stuck in the air duct with no cool air blowing. These panels were great because you get a sense that even John McClane gets scared sometimes. Hope you didn’t forget about those guys from Tuxedo, New York; the small-time crime family who are taking full advantage of the blackout they caused. While all the cops are busy with the hostage situation and overall chaos of the blackout this is when their plan goes into full effect. From the looks of things the sky’s the limit for those guys with what sort of stuff they can get their hands on with all the cops so busy. For young Miss Terri Keller she finds out that the plan she paid for that involved them just cutting the power and robbing the bank was just too small of a plan for them. Garrett Rice has other plans for what they are stealing for her and decides to take everything she has after they finish the job. It’s a pretty smart plan and one that so far has been pulled off perfectly, but I just see something going wrong and wrong in a big way. After resolving the hostage crisis (in classic Die Hard fashion), McLane realizes that there is a bigger play going on, setting the stage for some more badass action. A great read and really like where the story is going and the huge showdown that could be on the horizon. Check out some interiors below.