Review - Last Blood #1

Today I happen to be on my iPod Touch and found a comic on the comiXology App that, from the description of it, just sounded like one awesome comic: Last Blood #1. Here’s the premise. Zombies have taken over the entire Earth and vampires have to find and protect the only remaining human survivors so they can drink their blood. From what I've researched I believe this is just the first part of a series that is going to go to new heights of ass kicking. Now onto the review of Last Blood #1 from the fine folks over at Blatant Comics. The book was created by Bobby and Chris Crosby, written by Bobby Crosby and illustrated by Owen Gieni. The story starts with a coffin under the sea just floating along with a zombie inside that decides to make his move by busting out, looking pretty messed up and walking along the bottom of the ocean in no particular direction. It’s a pretty surreal sight with all the fish and sharks just swimming around him as he's plodding along, but what made it simply great is that it’s black and white. Not too long goes by before you start to see people in the picture and you know something is going down that will ruin somebody’s day. The zombie grabs a piece of some girls in the middle of getting a picture, starting the beginning of the end for the planet. Jumping forward to present day two guys are carrying a body of an old WWII soldier, talking about how they might have gotten zombie one. We're introduced to Mac, a man making a run for supplies and April, a woman making a run for Snickers. A pretty somber moment between the two occurs and you get that sense he could not make it back. Mac’s truck is all packed up as he prepares to roll out with no gun and only an axe that makes him even more badass. For supplies they need everything especially one of the worst to run out of, ammo, and that makes the situation dire enough to go out with larger groups moving around. The good guy Mac is of course going to pick up some scotch and the porn for the guys, giving some humor to it all. No sooner had he left did a mob of zombies decide to mess up their afternoon. After an extensive set of ass kicking frames a car appears on the horizon believing Mac is returning to help. Inside the car are two people, a man and a woman basically taking care of business by slicing and shooting zombies in their path. The two jump into action as the lady is taking some heads off ninja style while oddly the guy is telling the people what to do by name that freaks some out. THe sense is that they've got alterative motives going on as they finish dispatching all the zombies out front. They even make a bet about killing the last two zombies: whomever hits the head closest to the head lying on the ground is spared giving the loser speech. The issue ends with you wondering about the speech and whether or not Mac knows what's happening at home. There weren't any vampires in this issue per se, but I wouldn't be surprised if the couple in the car end up being vampires and are just helping Mac to dine on his blood. This comic has done a great job of getting that hook going and showed some zombie ass kicking that looks great in black and white. Check this comic out if you are a zombie fan as I see it getting better and better.


  1. Thanks for the nice review, glad you liked it!

    (I'm the co-creator.)


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