Solicitation: The Green Hornet Strikes! #1

Do you know who the Green Hornet is? Do you have any desire to know assuming you don't know? Is he a hero? A criminal? Or just an abnormally colored hornet building a nest in the eave of your house, waiting to sting your head if you get to close? Dynamite Comics has these answers and more in The Green Hornet Strikes! #1. Written by Brett Matthews and pencilled/inked by Ariel Padilla (cover by John Cassaday), The Green Hornet Strikes! #1 features the birth of a new Green Hornet. In a near future, Chicago is more corrupt than ever amidst a financial crisis that never quite resolved itself, leaving a select few in power and just about everyone else in dire straits. Enter the Green Hornet! The first issue is due in stores in May for $3.99.