Bankshot Goes to Hell (and Chicago)

It's become apparent to me that C2E2 is going to be a big deal this weekend. It could be because it's really the only midwestern convention I can think of, or it could be that NY Comic Con being moved to October has created a spring convention void. Regardless, the show is this weekend and one of the folks there will be Brendan McGinley of Bankshot Comics.

If you're planning on attending C2E2, be sure to find McGinley at the Reading With Pictures booth. If you want to be super snazzy, be sure to check out the Bankshot store and snag one of the above may win you some style points with McGinley et al. Even if you're not going to Chicago this weekend, you really have no excuse not to get the above T-shirt. If you do go though, tell Brendan that Jonathan from Omnicomic sent you. It may earn you some more joviality from Mr. McGinley.