Black Label Comics Needs Your Help

Do you like reading comics? Do you like reading comics you've never heard of? Do you want to get in on the ground floor of a new comic that you can call yourself a part owner of? Then look no further than Black Label Comics.

Black Label Comics main man Ian Struckhoff is currently seeking funding for the first issue. The first few issues of the series will feature art by Manuela Soriani, Adrian Dorame, Nick Raimo, Matteo Carlarino, Daniel Herrmann, Rosaria Battiloro, and other arists from around the world. Struckhoff is seeking financial help for funding the printing and distribution of he first issue.

Ideally, they'll at least break even or, even better, turn a slight profit to roll over to issue 2. The first 52-page issue is slated to be printed November 2010 and contributors will be the first to receive copies. You can donate any amount you wish, and those that donate at least $3 are given Black Label Comics schwag to make your friends jealous. The fund needs only $8,000 by July 11 to make this happen, so start digging through your couch for any loose change. Just stay away from the sofa pizza.