The Chase: Limited Edition at Boston Comic-Con

Boston Comic-Con is quickly ramping up to be a pretty big deal. Years past, it's really just been all the local comic shops crammed into a really small room, with people struggling to get past each other to the next vendor. This year though, the show is moving up to the Westin Boston Waterfront. One of the vendors at the show you may not know much about is Silver Circle, and they'll be there with their new book The Chase: Limited edition.

Created by Jackie Musto, The Chase: Limited Edition will be available at the Silver Circle booth for a mere $5. What's more, Musto will be there as well to personally autograph copies of the book. But wait. There's more!

Silver Circle will also be hosting a contest where they will give away six free Pieces of Silver. The way to get in on that action is simple. Enter the free raffle and be one of the two names drawn to battle in the "Silver Circle." Once in the circle, the winner be the person that leaves with the limbs intact and having answered the most comic book trivia questions. There will also be a special giveaway for the collectors. A one-of-a-kind Zoe action figure (see below) will be up for winning at the booth as well.