Defense with the BoomPick

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Tuesday. The day you find out what new comics are coming out tomorrow and figuring out which are the ones to buy and the ones to wait for. My pick today is definitely a comic to buy, although it was a tough choice as there are a few coming out I am going to get. This one comes from the powerhouse that is Marvel, combining two great things: superheroes and zombies with Marvel Zombies 5 #1.

Our hero from Marvel Zombies 4, Machine Man, has survived and been put to the task of finding the cure for Morbius and the others. He must travel across a number of alternative universes tracking the zombie plague no matter how it appears in search of the cure if one exists. His journey takes him to a place only known as “The Territory,” an expansive Old West sort of universe that has a few gunslingers of Marvel past waking up and causing trouble for the folks of that universe.

The likes of Two-gun Kid, Kid Colt and Phantom Rider to name a few are the troublemakers, setting up a likely confrontation between Machine Man and the flesh hungry zombies. The great thing about this issue is that it starts a new chapter in the Marvel Zombie world, making reading the earlier four not a necessity, but it helps.