Defense with the BoomPick

We have an exciting week on our hands folks as Kick-Ass is coming out this Friday, Iron Man 2 follows in less then a month and tomorrow is new comic book day. All around good news to be had and with the selection of comics coming out tomorrow sure you won’t have a problem finding one that fits you.

While looking over the list I already had an idea in my mind of which one I was going to pick for this week, but looking over the list again a different comic caught my attention. My new pick is one from Image Comics with the premise selling me on it instantly and it’s called The Light #1.

A comic full of just the right ingredients for one amazing story is in store for the reader. It all starts in a small town located somewhere in Oregon, where a virus appears that infects people in the most unheard of manner. How it happens is that if you look into an electric light you get infected with the virus, which is a pretty strange, but also downright ingenious, mode of infection.

A lone father and his daughter make their way together to escape town with her blindfolded to keep from getting infected, but also so she doesn’t see the horrors surrounding them. Horrors including people burning alive from the inside out because of the virus. Not a pretty way to go.