Defense with the BoomPick

Not sure how many different ways to say how today is a good day. It's sunny out, not raining, getting warmer and happens to be the day before new comics come out. You would figure that tomorrow would be the better day, but sometimes you might not see any comics you want making it a loss. Stick to today being good at least until you check out the list and I have and saw a comic I’ve been looking forward to reading for awhile. My pick today is the next issue in one awesome zombie series and favorite Marvel character. Yep, it's time for Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #10.

Things just aren’t looking up for our favorite Merc, as he and the others are still trapped in the zombie universe with no clear way of getting out. They have found a safe haven with the only human stronghold left on the planet and possibly the universe. The plan of Professor Veronica and Dr. Betty is in full swing, but now Deadpool, Headpool and Bill (an agent of A.I.M.) have to go find the portal back to their own universe.

They've run head on into the zombie versions of Absorbing Man, Armadillo and Aquilar, three foes looking for a meal with Deadpool and crew as the main course. Get ready for a battle royale to go on between the two sides with a little help from a troop of A.I.M. agents popping in as well. Since this series is ending in only 3 more issues after this one you better get reading if you want to be ready for the finale.