Defense with the BoomPick

Hey look new comics come out tomorrow. Aren’t you excited? As there are a bunch of great ones coming out, I can only pick one to bring to you as my pick of the week. Was a little bit of a tough choice, but Deadpool #22 won out overall basically because it’s Deadpool. Who rocks more then him? Plus the description of this next part of the Deadpool series just makes me laugh and I can’t wait to check this comic out.

With the bright lights of New York City behind Deadpool and Hit-Monkey long gone, Wade Wilson finds himself in a real rural part of North Georgia. While riding through the area Deadpool’s bus gets robbed in a fashion harkening back to the Old West days. Setting Deadpool off to track down the robbers and deliver a little beatdown only he knows how to do, but he runs into someone never seen before. This someone happens to be the Appalachian Mountains homegrown villain named White Lightnin’. With that sort of name you know Deadpool is in for a shocking surprise of a fight to deliver that justice.