Defense with the BoomStick

This past weekend has been a bright spot among all the shitty days of this past week and half. Besides the constant zombie threat banging on the doors the weather has been pleasant enough for more work outside to get done without a constant downpour and overall feeling of misery. Keeping spirits and moral up is vital to keep your sanity and keep you alive to fight another day. Enough banter though...time to get the news.

News has word coming from the U.S government about the large safe zone located in the New England region. They had some setbacks hit and have lost a portion of the upper New York region and parts of Vermont. A new wall was completed that created sections in that area containing the outbreak and keeping the rest of the survivors safe. That large scale operation is bound to have disaster hit it from time to time, but hopefully the government is learning from what occurred and doing better to protect the rest.

Seems like lately all the news has been bad with more places falling to zombies or just not able to hold out any longer. Beyond the reports from New England, more spots in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Idaho and others have been broadcasting the need for supplies or any form of help. I even got messages about a group broadcasting for help, but only doing it to lure would-be heroes to come there only to find themselves capture, robbed of possessions and either killed outright or sent back into the vast land of zombies with no hope of surviving. Really a bad state life is, when we are screwing each other over and worried about dying from something besides zombies.

Beyond those few tidbits that’s all the news I’ve heard so let us get to the tip for this week. For the tip today I feel the need to discuss the ugly business of dealing with a zombie bite that has infected one of your group.

Coming to terms with being utterly helpless is one of the most difficult parts of living in this zombie world. If someone gets bit there is nothing you can do to help them survive it as there is no cure, but if applicable you can make them somewhat comfortable for their last moments. Giving them something for the obvious pain they are feeling with any sort of sedative or alcohol will help to a degree. Wrapping the wound with a bandage or gauze can be done to help increase how long they have until eventually becoming a zombie. Depending on the severity of the bite and where you are dictates your next move.

If it’s a bite on the hand, arm, leg, foot (you know, any sort of extremity) means you have more time before turning versus a bite on the torso, neck or more vital area of the body. Say a bite on the hand will take longer for the person to turn into a zombie against a bite on the neck that is sure to cause the person to pass away soon and turning in a matter of minutes. This is what makes where you are important, as if during an attack on your home a member of your group is bit, you have the option of setting them in a secure room and watching them and to take care of them when they turn. Being on the run makes taking care of someone who’s been bitten difficult with you still being in danger from more zombies and now your friend is going to be one too. Making you decide whether to leave them somewhere hidden letting them not be found by more zombies and turn into a zombie later on or deal with that person before they turn. Killing a person bitten is always a tough call to make, but it has to be done if the rest want to survive.

That’s all for the news and tip for this week, until next week this is Brandon signing off.