Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news and a tip for survivors.)

Monday. Even now this day still blows as the beginning of the week. If you’re listening to this it means you’re still alive and surviving. Here to bring you the news as I've heard it and my tip of the week to help you keep kicking that much longer. Now on with it.

For starters there has been a lot of radio talk going on about these safe areas set up in Canada that are allowing survivors into them, but with a catch: it appears you have to buy your way in. As messed up as that sounds it’s the truth with them accepting mainly silver in any form or shape, but they do prefer it melted down into something more manageable as they still use currency oddly enough. They do accept ammo, weapons, food stuff and other supplies for entry, but it takes more of those to get in with.

In other parts of the news another small town was overran and consumed by zombies in Oklahoma, near the border of northern most part of Texas. Caught broadcasts from there detailing how a breach occurred and zombies just couldn’t be contained. Seems everyday another place goes down pretty soon there won’t be many of us left. Now for the tip of the week. For my tip today I figure I'll go over different types of vehicles that work best when on the move and different locations to find gas at as well.

There is no real perfect vehicle, but some come damn close to doing the job with the right modifications done to it. If you come across an army truck with a backend beefed up with metal plates you got yourself an awesome hardcore carrier for your group. Certain buses or shuttle buses can work also with the right work done to it: improving the sides and armoring all weak spots and putting some sort of plow on the front to get it through a possible horde. By certain buses I mean those real short yellow buses that are only like four rows deep well work great as you have many exits can beef up the doors and windows and get some power as well. For a smaller vehicle I would say a good SUV with something on the front to protect the engine and to also plow through zombies will get the job done (the 3 painted on the door is up to you). If you want mobility and agility than a bike of some sorts is the answer, but you give up safety.

Certain places to check for gas while on the move are of course gas stations, but without power they are going to be useless. Checking cars along the road can lead to possible gas; just have a hose handy and cans if a car does yield some. Other places to check are small airports that pretty much cover the United States at least with plenty of gas and stick to small town gas stations, as any big city or suburb will probably lead to death so consider that a last ditch effort. A car dealership is a good spot to hit not only for gas, but maybe a new vehicle if you need it. if you know the area you are in well and can find the government parking lots most of them have pumps there that you can get gas from (and of course all the cars or buses that might be there).

That’s all for this week until next time this is Brandon signing off.