Defense with the BoomStick

Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news and a tip for survivors.)

Monday here again already. Just once I wish a weekend could last longer than two days. Although with the world we are living in weekends really don’t hold that same feeling they used to before zombies ruined it all. Now time for the news and my tip of the week. Enjoy.

For the news I have heard whispers about huge zombie herds moving across Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee numbering in the hundreds if not thousands at times. Basically wiping out little spots of human life as they move in a most devastating way and the groups seem to be moving east, but these reports are at least a week old making their exact direction unknown as of now. When I hear more on it I will share with all of you. Be on the lookout if you're in these regions for large groups of zombies; either stay out of sight or head in an opposite direction from them.

Other bit of news is coming out of New Zealand as they have had a new outbreak of zombies occur from a ship that arrived. Once thought to have been cleared of zombies this new outbreak has set them back a bit, but with better safeguards put in place it was contained to a degree. As of now their port has been closed and sealed off until they can eradicate the zombies in a safe manner for the people there. They aren’t allowing any new survivors to arrive, but when they are reopened I will report that as well.

Now time for the tip. In keeping with going over more urban tips I figure I'd go over the best types of weapons and tools that work in a major city, if you’re crazy enough to be in one.

Silent weapons are the way to go here, because of how much sound can carry and bounce around in the tight confines of buildings alerting zombies in your area. If no silenced weapons are available then a solid pistol by your side gets the job done with long range rifles not providing too much help in the tight spaces in buildings. Shotguns are a weapon that work quite well in an urban place, especially in buildings, because of the spread and stopping power they pack lets you take out zombies with more ease. Pump action being the preferred one as double barrels will leave you in a tight spot during that reload. Also, if you're able to find breaching rounds these can come in handy to get a door out your way during an escape.

Carrying a crowbar is also a good tool weapon/tool to have on you when prying open doors or smashing glass to get through, but also satisfying to smash a zombie who gets to close. Other useful items to be carrying with you are matches and lighter fluid to start a fire if necessary and a small hatchet for taking down possible obstructions in your path and also useful to destroy staircases as zombies can’t climb. Melee weapons are going to be your go-to weapon as you will find yourself close to zombies quite a bit, hence pistols and shotguns working the best.

One plus I have to say about making your way through a city is that you are sure to find a lot more supplies then say out in the more rural parts of the country, as nobody else would have gotten to them. Plenty will be left behind for those foolish and brave enough to venture into a city; finding food and water should not be problematic for you. It’s debatable on whether getting through a city by yourself or in a group works better, as your survival rate isn’t too high as is, but with a good solid group that works well together your survival rate goes up.

That’s all I have for today. Until next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.