First Look at Destroyer in Thor

It's a completely useless picture, a suit of armor, standing on a platform in the middle of a desert. Useless until you realize that the suit of armor is actually the Destroyer and is the first leaked image from the tight-lipped filming that is the Thor movie.

According to Latino Review, the incarnation of the being sent to earth by Loki to destroy Thor is 9' tall. The lore behind is goes something along the lines of Odin forgin it for good. Of course, Loki manages to use it for his purposes and it comes close to killing Thor on more than one occasion.  I think the most interesting fact from this is that it's 9 feet tall, which means the scale in this movie is going to be awesome. I mean, it is a film about Norse gods, and I really hope that there's that sense of awe that comes with seeing an eight-nine foot tall Norse god descend upon you.

It wouldn't surprise me if DMCAs start getting tossed around the net, so get in that glimpse while you can.