Hellcity Gets Collected

It's been my experience when it comes to anything with "city" in the title that more often the not, the city is beset by some horrible calamity. Dark City, Sin City, Gotham City...all of them are cities where the people are in dire straits and a war on crime is being waged around them. If I lived in Hellcity though, I think I'd have to reconsider moving away. Or reading about it from afar in the new anthology from Dark Horse.

Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) is written by Macon Blair and illustrated by Joe Flood and collects all three volumes of the trilogy. These chapters boasts tough guy narration blended with "femme fatales...Monty Python, Dante's Inferno and old school Peter Jackson movies." I know the question you're asking yourself is will it blend? I can't attest to that, but I can attest to Blair's excitement for the rebirth of his baby.

"Joe and I are beyond excited that Image is putting out HELLCITY, our baby," emphasizes Blair. "They literally brought it back from the dead."

The black and white, 328-page paperback will be available July 21 for $24.99. Yes, that is the week of San Diego Comic Con.

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Macon Blair and Joe Flood's HELLCITY gets collected

Berkeley, CA - 25 April 2010 - Crime noir, grotesque horror and pitch-black comedy collide in HELLCITY (THE WHOLE DAMN THING), which collects all three volumes of the HELLCITY trilogy, including never-before-published volumes 2 and 3. Hell has never been so fun!

Written by MACON BLAIR and illustrated by JOE FLOOD, HELLCITY takes all the tropes of hard-boiled detective fiction, from tough guy narration to shadowy, rain slicked streets to mysterious femme fatales and puts them in a blender with Monty Python, Dante's Inferno, and old school Peter Jackson movies. HELLCITY is full of action, gore and dark, dark humor.

"Joe and I are beyond excited that Image is putting out HELLCITY, our baby," emphasizes Blair. "They literally brought it back from the dead."

HELLCITY is a nightmarish slice of urban sprawl, where demons and humans co-exist, albeit miserably. When a human detective is hired to secretly investigate the out-of-character antics of the Boss of Hellcity -- the Devil himself -- he discovers a conspiracy that upends everything he thought he knew and sets off an apocalyptic human/demon race war.

HELLCITY (THE WHOLE DAMN THING), a black-and-white 328-page trade paperback for $24.99, will be available July 21, 2010.

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