Iron Man 2: Iron Maiden

It seems like only yesterday that Iron Man flew into theaters and stole our hearts. Aww. The first film was enough of a rousing success that a sequel was warranted and this time, there's more of everything. Some of the new characters you may not be familiar with, so every Tuesday and Thursday until the film's release Omnicomic will be profiling one of the characters in the film.

Disclaimer: Please note that while Olivia Munn has been confirmed in the sequel, her role as Iron Maiden has yet to be defined. The internets seem to think that's a good bet though, so we're running with it.

Real Name: Melina Vostokoff

Origin: Unknown

Abilities: Iron Maiden isn’t your normal Marvel character as she’s not a super, but does wear a particularly useful iron suit that is made of lightweight material allowing her maximum mobility, with solid protection from all sorts of projectiles, energy attacks and more. This is in addition to packing an assortment of weapons to bring the pain on someone and, like Black Widow, she's a spy and one badass assassin.

First Comic Appearance: Tales of Marvel Fanfare (1st series) #11 (1983)

Background: Iron Maiden has the same sort of story that Black Widow has and actually Iron Maiden was the name considered for Black Widow as well. She was an assassin for the Russian Government for a good bit of time doing various jobs for them with one in particular being to kill Black Widow. Melina could have won the battle if some S.H.E.I.L.D. troops didn’t show up and chase her off into the sewers. Now Iron Maiden is an assassin-for-hire sort of in the vane of Deadpool, but with nowhere near the mouth. She'll work for whomever hires her.

One prominent group she belongs to went by the name Superia; the group lived and operated out of a place called Femizonia, an all women place. It’s during this time Iron Maiden was involved in some pretty high level sorts of plots. One of which ended with the capturing of Captain America and Paladin as they tried to sneak their way to Femizonia, but as superheroes are they escaped and the Superia were defeated. During the Civil War that rage across the Marvel Universe Iron Maiden wanted no part of it and attempted to run for the border to Canada. She was apprehended by members of the Thunderbolts and through some threats and a little pushing was convinced to join them.

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