Iron Man 2: Pepper Potts

It seems like only yesterday that Iron Man flew into theaters and stole our hearts. Aww. The first film was enough of a rousing success that a sequel was warranted and this time, there's more of everything. Some of the new characters you may not be familiar with, so every Tuesday and Thursday until the film's release Omnicomic will be profiling one of the characters in the film.

Real Name: Virginia “Pepper" Potts Hogan

Origin: Iron Man: The Iron Age #1 (1998)

Powers: None except having vast knowledge and experience in business administration

First Comic Appearance: Tales of Suspense #45 (1963)

Backstory: Her place of birth has never been revealed, with the only real start of her story being her work at Stark Industries as a secretary during Howard Stark’s time. Pepper Potts became Tony Stark’s assistant after he took over the company when he saw the talent she had for business. She knew how to run his company better than he did and drove her to learn more about business to keep up with the demands placed upon her. Things changed for her after Tony created the Iron Man suit as he began to do more things for himself back at Stark Industries trying to change the direction of his company.

It's while in Tony Stark’s employment that she meets her future husband Harold “Happy” Hogan. Harold was hired on as Mr. Stark’s driver and repeatedly asks Pepper out to her dismay. It takes an attack by Titanium Man on Iron Man during which Harold is injured and almost killed for her to fall for and marry him. They leave Stark Industries to start a family and live happily ever after, although that isn’t how life goes down.

Problems arise and they get a divorce. Eventually, they go back to Stark Industries where incidentally falling back in love again and get remarried and adopt two children. During this time of bliss a few pretty pivotal battles occur. One causes Pepper to lose a baby the two were having. A second battle with Spymaster badly injures Harold, putting him in an irreversible coma in the process. In an act of mercy they pull the plug on him, allowing him to find peace and allowing Pepper to be team leader of a group called The Order out in California, giving logistics and orders from their headquarters.

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