Jonah Hex Trailer

Without further ado, the trailer for Jonah Hex.

I like the steampunk feel of the movie, but I worry that it's going to be really bad. I mean, the highlights show some gunplay, John Malkovich in a creepy role, Megan Fox as a prostitute and Josh Brolin scarred. It does have Lance Reddick though! Any alumna from The Wire is ok in my book.

Peep the trailer after the jump.


  1. I approve of this trailer as it was pretty damn kickass that double gatalin gun on the horse hell ya. love the cast this movie looks too be freaking awesome.

  2. I'm undecided on whether I like Megan Fox in this movie . . .

  3. Agreed. I think Megan Fox might ruin it. . . she may be nice to look at but she cannot act.


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