Kick-Ass: Big Daddy

Kick-Ass is marching into theaters this Friday, April 16. To get you geared for all the violence, all week Omnicomic will be profiling the main characters in the film.

Real name: Damon Macready

Abilities: Presumably, Big Daddy is skilled in a number of martial arts, close combat weapons, and firearms- although rifles are, in general, his weapon of choice. Preferring to keep foes at a distance while supporting Hit Girl while she gets up close and personal with the bad guys.

Big Daddy may be more skilled at training his daughter in these skills than using them himself. As a teacher, Big Daddy is…well, scary. Anyone who could turn their own teenage daughter into a cold, efficient killer would have to be. The tactics he has used are extreme and include shooting Mindy while she wears Kevlar, just so she can get the feel.

Tactically, Big Daddy is street-smart. He isn’t above manipulation, torture, and extortion to get to the heart of criminal underworld.

Background: ‘Big Daddy’ was a cop who came home to find his own wife gun downed by mafia hitmen. Swearing to avenge her death, he devoted himself to turning his daughter into the ultimate weapon against crime. Quitting the force, Big Daddy and Hit Girl are now vigilantes from the law taking down the criminal underworld one scumbag at a time.

Or at least, that’s the story.

The story Big Daddy told his daughter. In truth, Macready was a nobody. An accountant who was down on his luck and in a loveless marriage, Macready decided he would rather live out his fantasy of being a hero than be consumed by mediocrity. Stealing his daughter away from his wife, he insisted that her mother had been killed and spent years moving from location to location to keep Mindy from being found.

How did Macready fund his teeny-bopper-crime-war? His secret- a big case of first print Marvel comics. The money he got on eBay from issues of Amazing Fantasy and Fantastic Four paid for the dynamic duo’s expenses. (END SPOILER)

Resemblance: The easy peg for Macready is Batman. I mean he’s got the suit, the equipment; he’s tactical and calm in combat, always prepared. But his backstory’s got a little bit of Frank ‘Punisher’ Castle in there. You know, soldier/cop sees his family killed by the mafia, decides to go to war to avenge their deaths. His preference for guns and his no-rules vendetta against crime seems about right for this parallel too.

Lizewski narration even comments on Big Daddy: “It’s Frank freaking Castle, right here in my room!”

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