Kick-Ass: Red Mist

Kick-Ass is marching into theaters this Friday, April 16. To get you geared for all the violence, all week Omnicomic will be profiling the main characters in the film.

Real Name: Chris D’Amico

Abilities: Red Mist doesn’t appear to have any training in combat per se. He does talk a big game though and drives a REALLY nice, Batmobile-esque car. Mist says that smoking up before a fight helps calm his nerves. His superhero name sounds like a old school, Golden Age kind of superhero, but it’s more likely a play on words regarding marijuana. You know, you smoke, it spreads a misty-substance around, your eyes get red…

Background: Supposedly, Mist decided to get into the superhero business after he watched Kick-Ass rise to stardom over night. Mist loves being a hero and the recognition it brings. After apparently busting a group of mafia hitmen, Mist quickly begins to overshadow Kick-Ass’s public image. He describes himself as Kick-Ass’s biggest fan.

In person, Mist resembles any number of rich, underachieving high school students who spend more time pimping out their cars and experimenting with drugs than worried about their future

The reality of the Mist’s origin is much darker however. The son of underworld mob boss Frank D’Amico (public enemy #1 on Big Daddy’s hit list), Chris adopted the Red Mist persona in order to befriend Kick-Ass and infiltrate the superhero network that his father recognized was slowly building against their family.

Resembles: Tough to say…VERY tough to say. As a superhero, Mist is kind of generic. The red and the Batmobile-kind of car allude to Robin, but there’s something about the style of dress and the name that kind of says Golden Age and Pulp Action Hero to me. We’re talking Zorro, the Shadow, the Crimson Avenger from old-school DC comics. There’s just something about the way his mask covers his face and the formulaic name (a color and a thing) that says 1930-1960 here.

Big Daddy
Hit Girl


  1. I cannot wait to check out this movie.

  2. Yeah I'm pretty stoked too. Currently crashing through the comics to get ready for the movie.


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