New Arrivals: April 14, 2010

My undergraduate degree at William and Mary was Psychology. The mind is probably the most fascinating thing ever and I'm a fan of analyzing it to find out its true, hidden potential. While I'm fascinated by the reality of its capabilities, I'm also greatly intrigued by any story that suggests other possibilities for our minds. Aspen Comics has such a work in Mindfield #0 and while the premise is very Philip K. Dick (Minority Report anyone?), I'm excited.

J.T. Krul has created a new series about what would happen if the CIA created an elite team of telepathic agents. As you can imagine, telepathy would be extremely useful when it comes to fighting domestic terrorism. As the main character Conner and his crew hit the streets though, they realize that telepathy is great and all until you can't block out Frank Q. Public trying to remember what he needs to pick up from the store that night. That is, can the team be selective in their telepathy?

Mindfield #0 is a 12-page story by Alex Konat and it sets the stage for the first issue's debut this June.


New Arrivals: April 14, 2010