New Arrivals: April 21, 2010

Well, the first major comic book film adaptation is out of the way with Kick-Ass being released last week. The Losers comes out this week and Iron Man 2 hits theaters in two weeks so we're steadily making our way through the year. Yes, I'm judging the year's progression based on comic book films released. What of it? I'm sure you're marking the week's progression by how many days it is till Wednesday, when you get your new comic fix.

While you're at the store getting your fix there's one book that looks particularly intriguing. If you've got an extra $3.95 and aren't sure what you should spend it maybe you should check out Okko: The Cycle of Air #1.

Written and illustrated by Hub, the Archaia published work takes place nearly a thousands years ago in the Spring of 1110. Okko's talents are necessary to assist the daughter of Lady Mayudama, who has retreated into profound silence. Normally you would turn to doctors for this sort of thing but considering they have no idea what's happened Okko is next on the list of those to make a house visit. The book boasts sorrow, worry and a duel of incomparable violence thrown in for good measure.


New Arrivals: April 21, 2010