New Arrivals: April 28, 2010

This week is a special week for making a trip to the comic book store. That's because you'll be making two trips! That's right, in addition to new comics coming out on Wednesday this Saturday, May 1, also happens to be Free Comic Book Day! That's right kids. The only day of the year where comic shop proprietors ENCOURAGE you to walk off with select comics, no strings attached. That's looking ahead though to Saturday. Wednesday, a book you should be looking forward to is Cavewoman: Extincton.

Written (and presumably illustrated) by Rob Durham, Cavewoman: Extinction from Basement Comics is a one-shot about four kids outside city limits. They stumble upon eggs in cave and, after inadvertently destroying one, are forced to flee that egg's angry parent. Three of them make their escape while the fourth is forced to face the wrath of beast alone. Until the three get the help from Cavewoman.

The book is 24 pages for $3.75 worth of black and white Cavewoman fighting. Yummy. It hasn't been officially confirmed for this week, so if you can't get your Cavewoman fix this week please don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.


New Arrivals: April 28, 2010