Preview - Sergeant Zero: Trenches in Hell

“Sergeant Zero is a fantastical journey into the dark halls of war. Part Captain America and part Iron Man, Sergeant Zero will face the worst evil has to offer. Anthony’s comic book looks very promising and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were witnessing the beginning of a very successful franchise in the making.”

If that sounds like a canned, PR-ish intro you're right: I got it straight from the Sergeant Zero website. The character is supposedly part Captain America and part Iron Man (Iron America?), and the Pulp Tone published work is eagerly seeking comic book readers to check it out. So eager in fact that they've just released a five-page mini-comic online for free. The comic is called Sergeant Zero: Trenches in Hell and was created, written, colored and lettered by Anthony Schiavino, penciled by Dave Flora and inked by Matt Bennett.

The preview story is after the jump and if you like what you see, make sure to head over to the Sergeant Zero website and check out the other issues.