Review - Angelus #3

Angelus is off to an interesting start in her new home location of New Orleans. Dani Baptiste has returned with her girlfriend Finch to where they are looking to make a life together and get a fresh start after the craziness that was New York, Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade. So far since arrival she has been attacked by a supposed guardian of the home of the Warriors of Light, had to save her friend Finch from muggers, dealt with what appears to be a treacherous relationship with the head of her own guard, Sabine, and now has Jackie Estacado, the Darkness himself, after her. It seems like it has been a rough week for Dani as Angelus. I’m sure it doesn’t help that it doesn’t appear that Dani has fully mastered Angelus’ power yet.

At the end of issue #2 some of the light warriors had entered what looked to be hell to try to obtain an artifact for Sabine. In the meanwhile Jackie had decided to pay a visit to New Orleans for an undisclosed visit to see the new Angelus. It remains to be seen how these events will unfold, but that is why we’re here today. Read on for an review of Angelus #3.

The three light warriors have reached their destination as the issue opens; while there they are greeted by a mysterious man named Tom Judge in the outfit of a priest. Why do I feel like a priest who appears out of the shadows in hell is probably going to play a larger role in the coming issues? The character also seems a little too badass to just be playing a bit part. I love the way the character is drawn unshaven, bloodshot eyes and smoking a cigarette. Just makes him seem totally awesome. The artifact in question is apparently something called The Wheel of Shadows, and as Judge wishes them farewell and good luck the warriors turn to find some really huge demons blocking their exit. They got in with no guards; something tells me not many, if any, of them are going to get out period.

Meanwhile back in New Orleans Dani and Finch are out to dinner on a date and meet up with her father. The meeting goes well, but as Dani goes to use the bathroom some of Jackie’s minions grab her and drag her outside. In her rage she bursts into her full Angelus form. The little imps are hilarious looking in the frame where they say they should have seen this coming and Angelus looks downright amazing in the frame where Dani changes forms. I’m REALLY digging the art in this issue for some reason. Just seems crisp and awesome.

The remainder of this issue is a little getting to know you squabble between The Darkness and Angelus. The only difference between this and when my wife and I argue is that we don’t typically destroy a city block during Mardi Gras while in the form of two of the primal powers of creation. Okay…maybe that is a pretty big difference. In any case the battle that follows is pretty good and we get a glimpse of Sabine’s “loyalty” as she sits nearby and provides no assistance. The issue concludes with Angelus in a precarious position and the fight leaning in Jackie’s favor. Can’t wait to see how it ends and what the fallout is.

The book should be in stores today. For a preview check out the interiors below: