Review - Artifacts #0

Anytime I see a Top Cow title with Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic working on it I already know that I am going to enjoy it. When I first began my venture into these series was back when Image was the publisher with Witchblade #1 by Marc Silvestri. I spent some time away from comics after a few issues and still remember this being one of my favorites in my collection.

Since being reintroduced to the series with the recent War of the Witchblades storyline however I have immediately become enamored not only with Witchblade, but the titles surrounding it such as The Darkness, Angelus and The Magdalena. It is apparent that the Top Cow universe contains many special people with both their own powers but also powerful artifacts in them.

Artifacts #0 introduces us to all of these powerful items, and in turn shows us how, in the wrong hands, they could destroy and reshape the world. While I am a fan of Top Cow, either because this is the first time they have been revealed or as a result of my time away, I was unaware of the sheer number of items out there. With this issue that has been remedied, and I could NOT be more excited for the epic tale that is about to be put together by Marz and a stable of talented artists.

Artifacts #0 introduces us to the events to come through the words of a hidden narrator and the eyes of the Cyborg assassin Aphrodite. She is as deadly as she is beautiful as one would expect from a vixen from the Top Cow stable. She has battled The Darkness and Witchblade on different occasions and it seems will soon be fighting with others with their own unique powers. The agency that controlled Aphrodite has been destroyed and she is left without a master to give her orders. Our mysterious narrator wants to correct that, and asks her assistance in gathering the artifacts together after healing her.

In her rehabilitation chamber she is given all the information currently at her host's disposal on the 13 Artifacts and what will happen if they are all brought together. The recent actions of both villains and heroes across the universe are tied together in a pattern that seems to indicate a great battle is looming on the horizon. The only question that remains is whether the forces of good will rise together as one to prevent the destruction and reshaping of the world in the image of our this unknown enemy.

If you were looking for a better time to be introduced to and meet all major players of the Top Cow Universe, I can’t think of a better place than this. Not only is this issue available tomorrow but it is available for FREE on FCBD tomorrow, Sat. May 1, at stores around the country. As a new fan, this is your ultimate chance to check out the art and writing of two of the biggest names in Top Cows stable. As a veteran fan this will set you up nicely for the 13 issue yearlong epic event to come. I know I’ll be looking out for it.

Still not convinced? Check out some interiors below.