Review - Die Hard Year One #8

It's been awhile since the last one came out, but once you start reading this issue you are right back into the world of John McClane. Yes, Die Hard Year One #8 is out today, picking back up with the life of John McClane doing what he does best kicking some ass. This latest issue brings the action to a new level with some gunfights, fighting and a bust of the century for the city.

McClane has the massage parlor bandit down on the ground and handcuffed while his backup finally shows up. Still getting yelled at for scaring the working girl, but having the satisfaction of dragging the robber out to a waiting cop car while all the chaos of the blackout still go on. Every neighborhood in New York City is in some sort of turmoil or some partying and they have to go take care of some of it. Some of that trouble being the Tuxedo Boys in the process of robbing a bank of a ton of money in addition to the errand the young woman sent them on.

This wouldn’t be a Die Hard comic without John McClane doing something stupid as he decides to jump from one building to the bank's roof to get a drop on the bad guys. Too bad he doesn’t exactly make the landing as he lands only manages to grab the ledge with a single hand. He pulls himself up on the ledge to see two guys chilling up there with guns and they spot each other with an oh shit moment between the parties. One of them tells him anything and everything just to get some help with his bullet wound, letting McClane and Olga in on who is behind all the organized looting and the bank robbery.

Bobby Nacomulli and his crew they are back at their storefront hideout with a pile of cash in front of them discussing how much they’re going to give the "yokels" as they put it. In classic mafia fashion the only thing the Tuxedo boys are getting for their trouble is two in the head. None of this goes down as the cops got the place surrounded to arrest them all. McClane meanwhile is busting in on the young brother David holding Terri Keller hostage as the rest of his gang are at the bank.

We finding ourselves at the end of the issue with the front page of Daily Globe (I know, they couldn’t spring for a New York Times plug) detailing the events of the previous night from the blackout, to the massage parlor bandit caught and the sad tale of the Governor’s son dumping his fiancĂ©. No mention of the bank robbery, which was odd. Maybe a setup for the next issue perhaps? Overall a damn good issue as this entire series has been and can’t wait to get my hands on more. They just mix the perfect blend of what made the Die Hard movies so freaking amazing into a comic form. I've got nothing but praise for this series with high expectations of things to come.

The book is in stores today, and interiors are in your browser window NOW.