Review - Drone #4

Everyday we get closer and closer to that future with robots fighting wars, flying cars and all those other oddball ideas people have thought about the future. At least on the military side those things are happening with all the Predator Drones doing the fighting already and this next comic is all about the Drones. I speak of Drone #4 from Red 5 Comics that brings to an end a comic with robot fights, Chinese Spies and the hero saving the day. Time to see how saving the day is done.

We pick right back up with the guys in Texas, who’ve been hacking into the army Drones and on the run from the Chinese Spy that is trying to kill them. The rebels in Kazakhstan now have complete control of the stolen Drones and have the lone technician Cat, making this an all around shitty day for everyone. They are getting used to controlling the Drones and are preparing an offensive against the US Army that is in the country.

The battle lines are drawn with the rebels in their control room running the Drones while it’s up to Dennis to escort Cat and the family out to the arriving chopper. Of course he isn’t making it out easy like that as one of the main bad guys decides to take over an awesome Spiderbot that chases after Dennis intent on messing him up. While Dennis is fighting the Spiderbot, Cat is getting the family to the helicopter and then making her way to the rebel control room to take them out. It's cool how she does so, using nothing more than chemistry knowledge and bullets.

The rebel leader Hassasn makes a deal with Dennis to work for their evil group and help them hack, but luckily for him his buddies wake up and get a plan in motion to engage the carbon dioxide system to knockout the spy. Things go according to plan and Dennis gets back in control of the Drone. There's still the matter of Hassan who of course had the entire place wired to blow triggers the detonation.

It's a happy ending for all the parties involved as Dennis gets a surprise visitor at his door in the form of Catherine “Cat” Dixon, the technician he saved. She’s there to thank him and his buddies for saving her life in the only fashion she knows how, by offering them a job. Not what you were expecting I'm sure, but they are going to be needed for the future. The Chinese have managed to copy the technology to build their own Drones and have built an army to which they plan on getting what they want. This was a great finish to an awesome series and I'm looking forward to what sort of new drones they might throw out there and what sort of role the boys from Texas will play.