Review - The Light #1

Today I'm reviewing a freaking awesome comic from Image Comics called The Light #1. It boasts a particularly clever idea where a mysterious virus that infects a small town and you get infected by looking at electric lights. One man trying to get him and his daughter out of the town at all costs and her blindfolded with him wearing welding goggles protecting him. I have to say I really loved how it's drawn with a gritty feel to the world; sort of like The Awakening and makes the people burning from the inside because of the virus look insane.

The story focuses on a man named Coyle who seems to be the laziest man on the planet as he’s getting fired again; he also happens to be an alcoholic and gets into an argument with his mom and where his booze is. After passing out he wakes to a guy yelling help, and Coyle heads out there to find out just what is going on. He learns that something happens when you look at any electric light.

Being the resourceful man that he is, Coyle pops on his welder goggles and is protected from the light, but the guy with him in the street wasn't so lucky as he gets infected and begins to burn from the inside. It’s pretty freaking insane looking how you can see their skeletons because of the fire and the blast into a firework. He races home and finds his mother is already infected by the light while he rushes to his daughter’s room and grabs her to jump out the window. Since Coyle only has the one pair of goggles he blindfolds his daughter with a piece of clothing and leads her through town searching for a car.

Meanwhile people are blowing up around them as they race through town and can’t find a single car to steal. All the while his daughter is asking what's going on, as she's not privy to one victim's exposed bones, muscles and eyeballs...pretty cool looking. The pair make it over to Uncle Pete’s house to see if he has a car still, but unfortunately for Coyle his daughter’s curiosity gets the better of her and she takes the blindfold off. End scene.

I have to say this was a damn good first issue and sets the story up perfectly. The overall comic has this bigger idea about how we have so much technology around us that it’s eventually going to kill us with all the radiation and waves bouncing around. At least that’s my take on the tone and it is a damn good possibility unless the zombie apocalypse happens first. If the phenomenon is a worldwide thing going on in this comic then they are going to be in some trouble and I see this comic going far.