Review - Zom #1

This past weekend at the Boston Comic Con I saw a lot of local comics and a shitload of people. One of the former that I came across I picked up, read and can see it having the potential to turn into an awesome comic. This comic is named Zom by the folks over at Comic Coma and is the tale of a guy who was dead and brought back to life, but would rather be dead as it was way better. Let’s get to the review then.

The tale begins in the outer reaches of the universe as a voice talks about the dead coming back to life. Next thing you know we've got a wizard telling a zombie to get off his lawn in classic old man fashion. The zombie is yelling at the old wizard asking him why the hell he was brought back to life because he was enjoying the afterlife a lot. We get a little flashback that makes absolutely no freaking sense to the story with this not being the last time this sort of thing occurs. They have a little showdown with the zombie breaking in rage and leaving to wallow in misery of the good life he lost because of being brought back to life.

What comes next is a series of different deaths that include poison, drowning, sword through the stomach, hit by lighting gunshot to the head and even dismemberment. Although the one I laughed at was the dude chilling, smoking a cigarette against a fence, who then proceeds to stab himself through his head with a sword. Zom eventually realizes he needs somewhere to turn to and picks a church to be that somewhere with the sword still in his freaking head.

The oddest scene happens next showing an old man waking up in a coffin down in some sort of crypt looking place; maybe he’s a vampire guess won’t know until the next issue. Overall, a different style of comic from a lot of things I have been reading, but I think it's going to pick up in the next issue. I love the premise behind the comic (that’s what sold me on it in the first place) and I see the sort of directions they can take it are virtually endless.