Defense with the BoomPick

I remember back in the 90’s when comic teamups and odd spinoff comics were all the rage. They were doing as many different spinoffs as they could, such as all the “What If” series, giving certain characters a shot at a big time comic and team ups with other characters you wouldn’t expect to play nice, but manage to make a damn good comic out of it. Marvel is still doing that it seems and managing to do it quite well with a team-up that is sure to take it up another notch. For my pick this week I chose Astonishing Spider-man/Wolverine #1, a comic that is sure to bring the pain and the jokes as well when your favorite neighborhood web swinger is involved. For this dynamic duo their job is a simple one: go to the edge of the Marvel Universe and stop evil. Sounds easy enough for the indestructible Wolverine and cool under pressure Spider-man, but take a look at the line up of villains in store for them. We've got Big Murder, Doom the Living Planet, the Czar and more making sure the two heroes aren’t successful at getting the job done. As you know with villains there is always one behind the curtain directing the others to do their bidding and that final reveal I can see being of epic proportions. You’re going to have to pick this one up to see if this pair of heroes can step up to the challenge and save the day without getting in each others way first.