Defense with the BoomPick

Summer is fast approaching on the calendar, although the weather lately doesn’t feel like it. Yet with the coming warm weather comes the beginning of a few new comic book series. One in particular I am looking forward to and with new comics coming out tomorrow is Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1 that chronicles the tale of one man’s journey and how he became the Dark Knight.

This six part series is taking on a huge undertaking in showing the return of Bruce Wayne as he re-establishes himself as Batman. The series spans six different eras focusing on Bruce and his fight with the seedy underbelly of Gotham City. DC Comics went all out with this run as each issue has its own artist doing the drawing, starting with Chris Sprouse for this week. With one one man by the name of Grant Morrisson writing it all Batman is brought to life in a way that nobody else could do. I foresee this series being among the best the city of Gotham and Batman have to offer better pick this one up tomorrow.