Defense with the BoomPick

New comics hit tomorrow and always a pleasant thing to look forward to marking the middle of the week. Checked out the list a little early and didn’t see too much that caught my eye but a few comics. One was pretty awesome that seems to be an A-Team reincarnation with a mix of G.I Joe thrown into it with an awesome storyline that you can get behind. The comic is called the Expendables #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. For those that don't know, Dynamite does some great work as I love their Army of Darkness series (pure comic genius).

Lawlessness has grown over the entire world with hostages being murdered, corruption running rampant and government policies failing a decision must be made. At the behest of the U.S. and other like-minded nations, the countries took a stand by building a team comprised of the best of the best from their militaries. Making an elite team that gets the job done when nobody else can; see the A-Team and G.I. Joe theme yet? Their mission is to enact a little regime change down in South America, ousting a dictator that has been destroying the continent for well over 20 years. Going to have to pick this one up to find out if this band of soldiers can take on an impossible mission.