Defense with the BoomPick

Always do enjoy when only one day stands in the way of new comics and the entertainment that is held within those pages. My pick this week you might have seen coming, but what can I say just love reading about that wisecracking mercenary Deadpool.

Tomorrow, Merc with a Mouth #11 comes out, leaving only two more issues to go in this hilarious series detailing the misadventures of Deadpool and Headpool in the alternative zombie universe and their quest to get the regular people back to the safer universe.

A day in the zombie Marvel universe isn’t a real day if you aren’t being chased by zombie superheroes looking for a snack. Deadpool, Dr. Betty and Agent Bill have a zombie Firebird and Iceman gunning for them and the pair aren't taking no for an answer. Leaving Deadpool to do the only thing he knows how to do and that is kicking some ass while following the hair-brain scheme of Headpool to get back to the normal universe. With a vast number of zombie superheroes and villains alike looking to turn Deadpool’s buddies into zombies you're going to have to pick this issue up to find out.