Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news and a tip for survivors.)

It’s tough to keep up morality sometimes in the world we are living in. You wonder what's there left to fight and survive for as the future's looking pretty damn bleak. The only good outcome for us all is to outlast the zombies -an "easier said than done" sort of feat- but it can be done so long as we play it safe. Continue to thrive in the type of locales that nobody could and dispatch and zombies that comes along the way. Gotta keep hope alive and think of what there is worth fighting for. But I digress it's news time.

First up for the news I have received word about a few mobile river boats going up and down the Mississippi River picking up any stragglers that happen to be along the shoreline. They are mostly trying to get people up to the Great Lakes areas as I've gotten broadcasts from outposts on islands there. Plenty of zombie attacks on them, but they seem to be holding their own and are building up a nice anti-zombie offensive as well.

They are surviving off of the hunting and fishing that they can do, but it’s becoming tougher with the amount of zombies that are flocking to that area (must be the boat motors attracting them). If you have a boat in that area when near the shore try and use paddles or the current to travel so as to not draw zombies to the noise and possibly your home base. That’s really all the news I have for now let’s get to the tip of the week.

In keeping with urban survival I am going to go over ways to lay traps and ways to help keep zombies that might be stalking you at bay or help protect a safe spot for you.

Now if you've set up shop in an apartment building first off never go into your safe place through any entrance of the actual apartment building. Find a spot that is close enough to another building and have a plank across them. This allows you an extra layer of security in two forms. One by removing the plank between the two buildings it cuts the zombies path off from getting over to you. Second, if you stay on your side of the roof near the edge the zombies will walk towards you trying to get at you, but falling off the building to their demise. You just have to make sure you occasionally light the pile of bodies on fire or shift the pile of corpses around so they don’t pile up and allow a bridge across.

Another form of defense is making sure all low level entrances to your building or place of safety are boarded up or blocked with debris; any manner that makes them inaccessible to anyone or anything. Make your safe place on a high floor with all the stairwells leading down blocked or destroyed, but always leave a way out whether across to the next building or a zip line, just some way to get out if things turn south. Leaving traps such as floors giving out or trip wires will also help slow down a possible advancing horde of zombies giving you a larger window to escape.

Urban living is among the most dangerous, suicidal ways to fight against the zombies but it’s possible with the right mentality. With the constant moan of zombies one can be driven mad by it so make sure you have earplugs to help make sleeping possible. If alone have warning systems set up to alert you if zombies get into your perimeter. Easy way to do this is to have a string system set up right near your entrance that when pushed it will pull on your foot waking you to zombies right outside your safe spot. Using bells or soda cans strung on a line will also help alert you, but if zombies ever get that close to where you are then you didn’t pick a good enough spot to begin with or left an opening somewhere.

That’s all I have for today, until next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.