Defense with the BoomStick

If you are listening to this broadcast you know what it’s all about. I bring to you news about what’s going on from around the globe and how we are faring against the ever constant threat of zombies. Apologizes if I seem a bit reserved this afternoon as I've been feeling under the weather this past weekend and in this world getting sick is a lot tougher to bounce back from. With that said let’s start with the news.

From the reports I've gotten lots has been going on around the world, some good and bad. For the good news I have received word that New Zealand has gotten those outbreaks under control once again and are close to opening their ports for survivors in the near future. Out of Pakistan I’ve heard whispers about the remaining army there securing more ground from their stronghold in Northern Pakistan, making more land available for survivors to come settle and help rebuild the region with the assistance of survivors from neighboring countries as well.

Those survivors listening here in the United States I only have bad news really. I've received messages about a few more outposts falling to attacks from the ever growing herds of zombies that are moving about the country. In addition to that I've also heard word that the huge government fortification in New England has seen a rise in attacks along their wall. During a cleanup operation a few people were bitten and taken back inside the wall where they managed to turn and cause a bit of havoc. Luckily, it was contained to the facility they had the infected in. It still was a loss of more life and that is something we can’t afford if humans are to survive. That’s all there is for the news and time for the tip of the week.

Today I will go over more survival skills for living in an urban city that can give you an edge to stay alive.

One plus about being in a city is the abundant amount of materials to construct obstacles and traps to kill zombies and keep you alive. Granted doing a lot of these things will generate noise and attract the attention of zombies nearby, making it necessary that you do things in small bursts. Sure it will take longer to get things done, but better to stay alive to complete them versus dying trying to do it all at once.

When deciding on your spot to call home clear as much glass and debris from around where you are working to keep noise down, but don’t discard it just anywhere though. You can use the glass and little debris as a warning system by placing it on likely paths towards your hideout that a zombie will tromp across alerting you in the process. Rigging traps is also a solid way to help dispatch zombies. One such method is using trip wires tied to a swinging beam that when a zombie snags the wire it causes the beam to swing down and take its head off. If you can get your hands on explosives this makes things even easier as you get the chance to set up traps that not only alert you when they go boom, but are going to take a zombie or two out in the process as well.

Most of these ideas are thinking you are going to be holed up in an apartment building or short structure with clear ways to cross over to another building. No place in a city is absolutely secure, making the requirement of multiple safe spots and escape paths necessary for your survival. Apartment buildings fit the bill perfectly as most are around the same height generally, making your escape across the rooftops possible or down fire escapes to the street below if needed. Being in an apartment building you can use the doors from the apartments to put walls up where needed and help secure you and other possible survivors. Remember zombies can’t climb ramps or ladders, but they can do stairs. Like I've said before pick a high floor to stay on and destroy any staircases to a degree from the first level up.

That’s all there is for today as I need to get some rest and beat this illness afflicting me. Until next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.