Defense with the BoomStick

Damn Monday just gets around here too quickly it seems and that always means it’s time to get serious about the world around us once again. Had some ups and downs this past weekend with a number of zombie attacks and calls from a few nearby small settlements about attacks as well. Also glad to be back here to bring you the news and tip of the week. Might as well get to it than.

For the news I have a bit of good (or at least somewhat good) and the rest bad, but that is how the world is and nothing going to change that soon unfortunately. First up the good news. It seems for us here in the United States we are going to see some airdrops coming in across the entire swath of the northern part of the country, eventually going south as well across the heartland in about a month or so. Be careful if you see one of these as they are probably going to attract some zombies. Give the area some time to clear up of the zombies or if you have some vehicles you can always bait them with those and lure them away while another group grabs the supplies.

Now the bad part of the broadcast is that larger outcries for help has been coming in from multiple places along the lower California coast. Word was passed onto the remnants of the U.S. government up in New England are going to send in what aid they can and airlift people out. I believe they are going to drop off leaflets that are going to tell you where pickup points are going to be at. Guess some good news in there after all, but it’s going to be one long battle to survive and make it to the pickup points if forced to be on the run. If you are in an enclosed compound they can pick you up there; just broadcast your location to them on frequency 347.45. Beyond that not much else news to report so let’s get to the tip for this week.

For my tip this week I am going to go over ways to find time to sleep while on the move.

I think I have hit upon this subject briefly before and felt the need to go back in a little more detail. Naturally, a secure building with four walls and a barricaded wall between you and zombies is the best scenario to be in, of course this can’t always happen and you will find yourself out and unprotected. Here are a few tricks for you.

Trees are a good choice as you have the height aiding you greatly and allows you to sleep with a lessened state of fear. Only downside to a tree is that if zombies get wind of you than you might find the base of the tree surrounded meaning a distraction is needed. Setting up a recording or noise maker can work at times, but if they can see you the zombies aren’t going to leave unless they see another human. Being in a group helps as if one person stayed with the car he can be the bait to lure the zombies away letting you and the others out of the tree.

Other alternative choices are certain vehicles work, as large charter buses with the numerous escape routes and ability to lock it up and stay out of sight. Delivery trucks and certain SUVs work as well, but those get a little tougher with how low they are to the ground. Even certain structures work great such as water towers; airport control towers are nice and high places that zombies can’t really get up to. Getting up on top of a tractor trailer could work, just make sure not to roll off the top. It’s always a better idea to get inside a vehicle though and not on it to help keep you from being spotted. Being a part of a group is always the better situation with people always awake to stand guard.

We find ourselves at the end of the broadcast. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.