Gronk: A Monster's Story

Katie Cook's Twitter account it katiecandraw. She can draw so well in fact that you've probably seen her work in Mouse Guard or Fraggle Rock in print. Recently, she's started a new online venture called Gronk: A Monster's Story.

Gronk: A Monster's Story follows the trials and tribulations of Gronk, a young moster who's turned her back on the ways of being a monster (think Sully from Monsters, Inc.). She's fascinated by the human world and, as such, has recently become friends with Dale. Dale is a composer who works from home in British Columbia and has a dog (Harli) and cat (Kitty) to take care off in addition to her newfound friend Gronk.

Ms. Cook is aiming to update the webcomic weekly every Friday. It's definitely more casual than tone than a lot of other comics these days, but honestly it's refreshing.