Ian Condry Talks to Silver Circle

I could throw out Method Man's alterego of Johnny Blaze, or Ghostface Killah's alterego of Iron Man/Tony Stark, but that wouldn't make be nearly as qualified as Ian Condry to talk about the link between hip hop, comics and mainstream media. Condry is the Associate Director of Comparative Media Studies at MIT and he recently sat down with Silver Circle PR maven Megan Duffield to talk about everything media. His book Hip-Hop Japan: Rap and the Paths of Cultural Globalization explains hip hop in Japan and provides an excellent backdrop for understanding the anime culture prevalent in the country, as well as the influence Japan has on comics around the world.

The ten minute interview features thoughts on the link between hip hop and anime, viral marketing and Hollywood's obsession with adapting comics into multimillion (probably multibilion at this point) dollar properties. Check it out. Oh, and Megan rocks a few different "hat" variations in the first minute or so of the video. Enjoy.