Idle Hands vs. The Uncommon Cold

I know we've all been there. Had that one cold where your head feels completely congested and you can barely breathe. You blow your nose and are in wonderment that so much stuff can come out. This was the central plot to an episode of The Tick ("The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold"), where he was so sick that he ended up blowing out a full-bodied mucus incarnation of himself. Now fans of The Tick can get their hands on him in all his mucus glory, courtesy of Idle Hands.

Idle Hands has teamed up with Shocker Toys to create the limited edition Series 2 Tick action figure (limited to 1,000 pieces) that will also feature card art. The figure is set to hit the Shocker Toys web store this Friday (May 28) at 10 AM EST.

Full press release after the jump.

Idle Hands Mucus Tick Exclusive Action Figure Coming Soon

Parlin, New Jersey (May 27th, 2010) - Idle Hands ( and Shocker Toys today announced a limited partnership to create the first Idle Hands action figure exclusive - MUCUS TICK!!

When comic book and cartoon hero The Tick fights an "Uncommon Cold", he finds himself facing off against an evil version of himself..his own sickly mucus given life by an evil alien!! Essentially, it's The Tick..but itSnot. Let the ultimate battle begin!

This translucent green version of the Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight Series 2 Tick action figure will be limited to 1,000 pieces and feature new card art, on sale Friday, May 28th, 2010 at 10am east coast time in the Shocker Toys web store ( . Mucus Tick joins Barry Hubris in The Tick Action Figure family along side Hunter Rose Grendel, The Blue Beetle (Dan Garret) and The Blank (from Dick Tracy), rounding out the Indie Spotlight Summer Exclusives.

About Idle Hands:
The pop culture blog Idle Hands launched in 2009 to spread movie, comic, collectibles and DVD news daily to the highly sarcastic working geeks of the world. Visit for more information.

About Shocker Toys, LLP.:
New Jersey based Shocker Toys, LLP's current roster includes: Indie Spotlight 6" scale independent comic book action figures and 5" scale Mallow designer figures. Shocker Toys welcomes all questions and comments at http:///


  1. 3 of our SDCC exclusives have sold out but a final pre-order will go up again on Wed June 2nd at 12PM Est. So mark your pages and come back to get them before they are gone again! Spread the word let everyone know even they are sold out now they will be back for a short time again


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