Moving Pictures on Pages

Top Shelf is keen on Kathryn and Stuart Immonen and their new work Moving Pictures.

Moving Pictures is the story of a dangerous relationship between curator Ila Gardner and office Rolf Hauptmann, forced by circumstances to privately be together. The story unfolds along two colliding timelines that reveal a secret, a tough decision and lots of gray areas. Kathryn recently explained in an interview the following:

"The history is just a backdrop to tell a messed-up love story that's about how we assign value to things and people, how we behave when not everyone is playing by the same rules" and "in the end, maybe it's all about the fundamentally perverse nature of desire, about not being to help wanting what you want even if you don't know why. And how, from the outside, we really don't know anything about someone else's intimacies."

The book is set to be released this month sometimes in all its 144 page glory for $14.95. Tons of interiors after the jump.