New Arrivals: May 12, 2010

It's weird knowing that there aren't really any big comic book film releases now until August when Scott Pilgrim vs. the World hits theaters. I'm growing accustomed to there being a new one at least once a month, a sign of the times if you will where comics are making waves for solid storylines and tons of action. Let's now forget though where those works started and DC still has at least one book that boasts some of the same qualities.

My pick this week is the second in a series of six, with the first one being a sheer joy to read. You should be running out to the store today to get your hands on First Wave #2.

First Wave #2 continues the unlikely teamup of Batman, Doc Savage and The Spirit as their paths have only just begun to become more intertwined. Personally, I think this is Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales (covers by J.G. Jones and Tony Harris) at the top of their games and I'm stoked for the second issue. In it, the Blackhawks are after The Spirit while Doc Savage is after the Blackhawks. In the meantime, the darkest corner of Hida'lgo has given birth to something glorious and terrible.

The 40 page book will hit stores for $3.99. Check out some interiors below.


New Arrivals: May 12, 2010