New Arrivals: May 25, 2010

Another week, another Wednesday, another day to spend some of that hard earned money on pieces of paper bound together by staples. No, it's not the day to go pick up the pamphlets you had printed at Kinko's. It's new comic book day tomorrow!

Tomorrow has a slew of new books on tap for you to spend that previously mentioned money. Isn't it funny that hard earned money is so easy to spend? This week, after sifting through the list of all the new comics, there's a zero issue that may be worth your while and that's Fathom: Blue Descent #0.

Written by David Schwartz and illustrated by Scott Clark, Fathom: Blue Descent #0 features the faded origin of Aspen Matthews. Aspen may be familiar to fans of Fathom as she's the leading heroine of the series. In this zero issue, Aspen's early childhood years are on display, rife with pain, anguish and murder. The introductory issue aims to once and for all put to rest questions about secrets surrounding her origin and her true heritage.

Fathom: Blue Descent #0 sets the stage for Fathom: Blue Descent #1 which will be the next Fathom arc. The zero issue also features a sketchbook selection, never before seen art and the cover by Clark (variant cover by Joe Benitez).


New Arrivals: May 25, 2010