Our Gang Vol. 4

I'm all about vintage. Especially vintage comics. Fantagraphics Books wants you to like vintage comics as well and are releasing Our Gang Vol. 4 (1946-1947), a vintage 1946-1947 comic in a new TPB. The stores showcased the talents of Walt Kelly and prefaced his later work Pogo. The fourth volume includes a four-part cycle of stories where Froggie and the Gang ship out with Professor Gravy for a downriver engagement. The 100-page work will also feature series editor Steve Thompson providing behind-the-scenes details on the stories and cartoonist Jeff Smith (Bone) providing an all-new cover.

“Kelly continues to take his version of the Gang further away from the typical ‘kid-jinks’ of the movies. He not only involves them in serious adventures but potentially life-threatening situations... For those of us ‘of a certain age,’ summers were filled with days when we were pushed out the door after breakfast and told not to come back until lunchtime, after which we were again sent out to play until supper. Just like the Gang kids, we wandered out of our own neighborhoods, met and interacted with strangers, fought and played with other kids, and so on. The Gang’s activities are more extreme than those of most of us reading the stories, but only in degree.”

Check out a few interiors after the jump.