Preview - City of Abacus

"The MX-41 is the key to the new era of Abacus where Virusos is Queen." Crazy right? That's the first sentence to describe City of Abacus, a new comic series created by British model/singer VV Brown. Brown is a huge fan of comics and the sort and City of Abacus is a fine example of the former. It focuses on Virusos, a woman with a storied past in the kingdom of Abacus. Through the betrayal of the king, an allegiance with Captain Bongh and the creation of a mysterious device called MX-41, Virusos ends up as the new Queen of Abacus.

The synopsis reads like a chapter in a history book and that's not necessarily a bad thing. New stuff is always great to check out and comics are rapidly becoming less about capes and meteors and more about more, ahem, "realistic" stories. Check out some interiors after the jump. The book should be available this Friday, May 7.


  1. I also had a chance to preview COA. Definitely had a 1984 (the book not the year) to it.

  2. Yeah there's definitely an Orewellian vibe in the pages.

    Although, it could also be interesting with a 1984 (the year) vibe as well. Virusos owning the original Macintosh? Why not?!?!


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