Review – Cold Space #2

I’m not sure where to start in Cold Space. I feel like the combination of futuristic westerns really has a chance to be something special. From Firefly to Cowboy Bebop this genre has always really appealed to me. There is the opportunity for some old west romanticism mixed in with futuristic science fiction. I enjoy both genres so mashed together and done correctly you should have a great success with me. Cold Space by BOOM! Studios is the latest story that I’ve seen try to do that.

Written by Samuel Jackson and Eric Calderon with the art team consisting of Jeremy Rock, Juan Manuel Tumburus and Troy Peteri, Cold Space follows the exploits of a man named Mulberry, a wanted criminal who seems to be smarter then the dialogue would indicate, and an expert manipulator. His true goals haven’t been revealed yet unless they consist of doing whatever he needs to in order to get paid. He wears a pretty advanced spacesuit that seems to both increase his strength and also make him virtually bulletproof. We got a glimpse of his hand to hand abilities as he fights off some cops and we were left with a crash landing on some outlaw moon after a blind hyper space jump.

There seem to be three competing groups on the moon. There are two gang leaders, one of whom hires Mulberry as the new gun in town. The other seems to run the mines and one of the saloons and is trying to get his hands on advanced weaponry. There is another intriguing character in town that is in full armor similar to Mulberry’s named Patience. The name seems to be a poor fit given that he seems to shoot first and ask later, leading to a surprise killing of what appeared to be one of the main characters. I think a big showdown between Mulberry and Patience is inevitable. We end this issue with Mulberry about to probably eviscerate another bar full of angry people after the competition tells his goons to kill him.

I think the commentary from the review of the first issue stands for Cold Space #2. Crisp, consistent artwork, but the writing just seems ridiculous to me. We have an aspiring kingpin crime boss looking to take over a whole town, a couple of different gangs and a guy walking around after one hour on the planet giving everyone orders and no one questions him. When he walked in, insulted a room full of people and then asked the girl in the room out after telling her and her friends they were scum and her response is, “I think I’m turned on,” I started to lose interest. I’m sure there is more to Mulberry then being the guy who walks into a bar and every woman immediately wants to have him, no one questions him at all and he is the winner, but we haven’t even been given a hint of that. We still don’t really have any character development and I have no idea where the story is going.

So, while this is certainly an intriguing story it just isn’t hitting it with me. If you like stories in the genre I would definitely give it a quick view at your local stores and see if it agrees with you. It very well might. The setting and the art leave a lot of room for cool stuff to happen. It wouldn’t shock me if the story so far is just setting us up for some events that will tie everything together. I’m sure a look into Mulberry’s past to develop him beyond an egotistical guy that no one will challenge and into something likable is coming. For now, there isn’t anything original enough to hold my interest and I’m still waiting for those things to happen.

Check out some interiors below. The book is in stores tomorrow.