RIP Drops to $0.79

I will gladly support any initiative supporting a cause. Black Snake Studios is continuing their drive for the National Foundation for Cancer Research in an effort to help stop one the world's toughest killers. They have a book out called RIP that is currently only $0.79, and all proceeds go to fighting cancer.

Tom reviewed the book, but here goes a brief overview. RIP has lost everything he's loved to vampires and he's aiming to get it all back. Teaming up with his high tech friend Chet and sexy Anaya, RIP will continue to wage his war against the vampires with the intent of getting his wife back. This quest quickly expands to cover all humans however, as he learns the vampires tend to want everyone for their purposes and not just his wife.

I try not to cover things twice, but previously this book was $0.99. Now that it's only $0.79 you really have no excuse not to pick it up. It's for a fantastic cause and the book just happens to be pretty swell as well.