Solicitation - Berona's War: Field Guide

Field guides are fantastic if you're a soldier. I can only imagine that they'll provide valuable information necessary for survival. They're not strictly relegated to humans though, as evidenced by Archaia's Berona's War: Field Guide.

Written and illustrated by Jesse Labbé and Anthony Coffey Berona's War: Field Guide provides an introduction to the world of Berona's War. It features maps, devious strategies, weapons, character and troop descriptions and the history of wartime events. The characters and troops in question are the Ele-Alta and the Cropones warring over a land called Amity. This is what you want to read if you're looking forward to the upcoming Berona's War: Fight for Amity.

It's a field guide, so you're looking at $19.95. You do get 160 pages of awesomeness, and the full cover book comes with hardcover, dust jacket and 5.75" x 8.75" form factor. Huzzah.