Angry Drunk Graphics Shutting Down

It's always sad to see an indie comic publisher go by the wayside. I should warn you that if you're a fan of Angry Drunk Graphics you're about to be sad.

In email sent out today, ADG proprietor Steven Vincent indicated that with his partner in crime Mike moving to Texas it'll be too tough to run the show singlehandedly. There's been tons of good times over at ADG and Steve will be making one last appearance at NYCC alongside Sergio Zuniga, Doug Paszkieiwcz, Mike Stoneroad and Justin Melkmann. The storefront at will be taken down as of July 1, but there will still be some news tidbits posted here and there in the meantime. All of Steve's stuff will still be available on

Best of luck to Steve and Mike over there at Angry Drunk Graphics. Full text after the jump.

On July 1, 2010 we will be shutting down Angry Drunk Graphics. It's been a real fun 10+ years. We've met a lot of awesome people and a lot of awesome bands.

Now it's time to stop.

Mike and I started this company pretty much on accident, trying to get free beer for my crappy books in the parking lots of local concerts. Who would have thought we would eventually have international distribution and we would throw parties where bands we loved as kids would play. Not us that's for fuckin' sure.

A lot of people have helped us along the way but the core of the company has always been pretty much Mike and I. Last year I tried throwing parties and a few events without him and it was either a disaster or ended up being more work than fun.

On June 30, Mike is moving to Texas and instead of running myself ragged trying to keep this going and eventually failing, I've decided to call it quits while we still have a good rep.

I will still post news pertaining to my products, other ADG artists' stuff, and bands every once in a while. So keep watching the blog or newsletter.

One last ADG thing-
We will also be putting the Mez-itz from the Xmas party up on ebay to raise a little extra cash for Dave. Since the turn out at the party was so crappy last year, we didn't raise much money for him at the silent auction. Kim ad I bought most of them back and are going to put them on ebay to hopefully raise a little more. There are one of a kind dolls by Doug Paszkiewicz, Mike Stoneroad, Ryan Jones, Myself and a few others. Auction will start June 27th and go for 10 days.

Thank you all for your support over the years, it's really been a lot of fun.


For now I'm going to take the store-front off of the site on July 1st so if you want to get something, you have about two weeks.

I will probably use the main page of to link to pages of bands and artists who've helped us out over the last few years.

You'll be able to get all my stuff at

I am still going to put out the Jersey Devil plush and a few other things but they will be "Steven Vincent Productions" sold by a different company than Angry Drunk.
So you'll have to go to stores to get them instead of the website.

We backed out of all but two of the Warped Tour Dates. We will be sharing the one at
Monmouth Raceway with "True Jersey Clothing" and the one in Long Island we will sell off the rest of the crap we have laying around (which isn't much).

The Happy Drunk Xmas party will still be at the Lanes but we won't be running it. We are going to share it with the Asbury Lanes (they pick 3 bands and we pick 3 bands). I might still make an Xmas comic but I'm not sure.

The BBQ's are done.

I will be at NYCC in October with Sergio Zuniga, Doug Paszkieiwcz, Mike Stoneroad and Justin Melkmann.